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Elizabeth (Liz) Lopez is a freelance writer, with press affiliation and credentials. Her English and Spanish articles (and her related photos) can be found in multiple print and online outlets in Texas. Liz has also been invited to report on film and music news on several local community television and radio programs.

Among the current (and past) media outlets Liz has contributed to:

El Mundo Newspaper (Austin/San Antonio) (Spanish publication) articles and photos www.elmundonewspaper.com

Arriba Newspaper of Austin (bilingual publication) articles/photos

La Prensa of Austin (bilingual publication) articles

Todo Austin http://www.todoaustinonline.com/ (English publication) articles

La Prensa of San Antonio (bilingual publication) http://www.laprensasa.com articles

Music World Magazine of Austin/San Antonio (English/Spanish) articles and photos

La Voz Newspapers  http://www.lavoznewspapers.com/ (English publication)(photos)

www.trueviewreviews.com articles in English and in Spanish under the Cine Y Mas tab; and the blog http://trueviewreviews-cineymas.blogspot.com/


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