Kick – Ass 2 in Theaters Today

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To say I enjoyed the sequel, Kick-Ass 2, as much as I did when Mathew Vaughn’s feature film arrived at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin a few years ago – is a stretch. There are some parts of Mark Millar’s screenplay that I found a bit humorous, especially the ridiculous costume Christopher Mintz – Plasse dons after reinventing himself as The Motherfucker instead of Red Mist as he identified himself in the original film.

One scene I think is way over the top in excess is when one of the villains recruited by The Motherfucker, Mother Russia (Olga Kurkulina), confronts the local law enforcement and brutally destroys the civil servants and numerous vehicles. After the second vehicle and she has given the men a pounding, that would have been enough to get the point across and/or to show off her brut strength. It is tough scene to watch and by the time she reached for a garden tool, I was turned off by this writer’s version of the comic book story.

This film is Rated R and is listed as an action/comedy/crime film, but the scene with the garden tool is way to similar to scenes included in horror films I have viewed at the local genre film festival each September.

I admire Chloe Grace Moretz’ acting skills in the several films I have viewed her perform. She is excellent in the action films to date, but hopefully she will keep exploring her options for characters other than Hit Girl. She is too talented to get boxed in.

John Leguizamo is totally underused in the film and am very disappointed with the few dull lines he was given by the screenwriter. A driver for the former Red Mist with hardly any personality? C’mon!!

Fans of the first Kick – Ass film will probably flock to the theaters today to catch up on with the characters who like to wear a costume other than at Halloween, but I personally would not recommend rushing over with my hard earned money the first day, nor at full price. It is not a film I would want my teen daughter to watch, that is for sure!

Liz Lopez

Rating C



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