Prince Avalanche Opens at Austin’s Violet Crown Cinema

Prince Avalanche IMDb poster

The feature film staring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, Prince Avalanche, screened during this year’s SXSW Film Festival in Austin in their Festival Favorites category for films that are “acclaimed standouts and selected previous premieres from festivals around the world.” Although I did attend the festival this year, unfortunately I did not view this film during the festival nor work the red carpet for an opportunity to interview or photograph the stars when they were in town while touring with the film promotion. The film will now have a theatrical release in Austin on August 16th and was excited to have the opportunity to view the film with two favorite actors, Rudd and Hirsch.

Prince Avalanche is a loose adaptation by writer/director David Gordon Green of an Icelandic film written by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson (original story), Either Way. While the comedy by Green is humorous, it is not the slapstick, silly comedy that Rudd is known for – this year’s This is the End and last year’s Wanderlust. In Prince Avalanche, Rudd portrays a very different character, Alvin, who seems to be very wound up. Despite his questionable personality, he has the lead on a job painting traffic lines on a highway and has hired Lance (Hirsch) the brother to his girlfriend who we do not see during the entire film. Obviously, the two men are totally different in the way they approach life, but the time spent in a rural setting gives them each a time to observe and learn from each other’s life.

I enjoyed each actor’s performances; Rudd’s because it is an opportunity to view his acting capabilities in dramatic scenes and Hirsch, because of the amazing talent he displays as a young man who has plenty to learn about life.

If you are a fan of quirky stories and even quirkier characters performed by talented actors, this certainly is the film to watch this weekend. No mad, crazy action, no blood and guts; just a good story with great performances.

Prince Avalanche will open at Violet Crown Cinema in downtown Austin on Friday, August 16th. Enjoy!

Liz Lopez

Rating B+



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