Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Opens in Theaters August 7th


Although this may not be my cup of tea when it comes to spending time in the theater, young teens and fans of Rick Riordon’s book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters on which the film is based on – might enjoy the feature follow up from 2010.

The teen actors are good looking and dressed in contemporary clothing that will appeal to the demographic this is written for, but I am not bowled over by the script Marc Guggenheim. I am not fully placing blame on the writer, as much as the source material, as it seems too immature for me. I do not like some of the lines for Brandon T. Jackson’s character and if they are intended to be comedic, it does not come across as such.

I certainly love Stanley Tucci and Nathon Fillion, as they know and can deliver comedy, or drama as the scene and story line calls for. Some of the action scenes by the young actors do not impress me – they are too stiff.

My recommendation is go to the matinee or wait until it can be viewed at home for a lot less than it might be in the theater. I prefer to save my movie bucks for other films this summer.

Liz Lopez

Rating C



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