We’re The Millers Opens Wednesday in Theaters

image001I completely expected this film, We’re The Millers, to be a dud because of the predictability and probably some rehashed jokes. Wow, I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did, despite that it does have some raunchiness to it. I almost felt as if I should not enjoy it for one reason or another, so it almost made me feel like a little kid when I was snickering in hiding at some of the scenes and the jokes. I seriously doubt that anyone was watching though, as there were so many other people laughing harder than I was in the theater.

Bob Fisher and Steve Faber wrote the story and the screenplay, in collaboration with Sean Anders and  John Morris and after viewing it, these writers came up with a likeable comedy and talented cast members that give a good comedic performance throughout. Among the cast of characters is Jennifer Aniston, who is Rose O’Reilly (a stripper) who lives in the same apartment complex as David Clark (Jason Sudeikis), a pot dealer, and a young teen, Kenny Rossmore (Will Poulter), who has not seen his mother in quite some time.

Emma Roberts is Casey Mathis who is a little older than Kenny, but certainly much more streetwise in many ways. Kenny keeps an eye out for her as she navigates her way in the community as she couch surfs, although she does not see the need. As Casey is in trouble with some thugs, Kenny and David step in to help, but a major theft happens, leading David to be in deep trouble with the boss, Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms).

After viewing so many trailers for this film, many viewers have an idea of where the story is going, but will be pleasantly surprised at the good lines and great comedic performances. Also in the film is Nick Offerman as Don Fitzgerald and his wife, Edie (Kathryn Hahn) and teen daughter, Melissa (Molly C. Quinn). The family of three meets the family of four on their travels and this continues to be a hilarious ride of comedy.

Rawson Marshall Thurber directs this R rated comedy and keeps the story moving with some very funny scenes and performances. Even if a viewer thinks they know where the story is going, the excellent chemistry among the cast comes across the screen so well, many will find themselves laughing unexpectedly. Even if the family is “fake” for a while, at the end, it is hard not to root for the four who find themselves continuing their role. This time, it will not take being paid to share each other’s company.

Liz Lopez

Rating B-

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures


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