Red 2 In Theaters Now

Bruce Willis fans, he is back in this action film and I was not disappointed in this production at all. A great cast and great humor with the veteran actors make this a fun film to serve as a great getaway from the Texas heat.

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If you have not had a chance to get to the theater, this has plenty of action and some humor to keep viewers engaged.

I suggest watching the first movie, RED, released in theaters three years ago before you watch this one, but it is not completely necessary as it will not keep you from enjoying this one featuring other retired agents brought back to work along with Willis’ character, Frank, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren. Also returning from the prior film is Frank’s girlfriend, Sarah (Mary – Louise Parker) and she is one I truly enjoy as she is getting into the groove of undercover work that Frank prohibits and Malkovich’s character, Marvin, encourages- including providing Sarah with weapons.

New to this production is Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta – Jones, both making excellent contributions to this film with their performances. Byung-hun Lee is also excellent with his martial arts and touch of humor.

This action packed crime/comedy is rated PG-13.

Liz Lopez

Rating B+


Source: Summit Entertainment


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