San Antonio Film Festival Continues in Three Theaters This Weekend

Friday, June 21st was a very challenging day at the San Antonio Film Festival prior to the highly anticipated 7pm screening at the Palladium of the feature film Sanitarium by three filmmakers, Bryan Ortiz, Kerry Valderama and Brian Ramirez. Two theaters were available for this screening and they each have 96 seats, both filled to capacity. I was able to score the one and only seat left available in the second theater, and my thanks goes to Angela with the film festival for making that happen.

The primary physician at the mental hospital, played by Malcom McDowell, tells the viewer three individual’s stories that led them to the state of mental health they are in. All three have emerging and established actors (Lou Diamond Phillips, John Glover, Robert Englund and Chris Mulkey) that yield exciting and engaging stories. Directors Ortiz and Valderama co-wrote the stories with Crystal Bratton and Scott Marcano and I think they did an excellent job collaborating to bring the script together for a very entertaining film. At this time I will give too many details on each of the stories, but with the mixed elements of horror and sci-fi, I can see how this thriller is a good candidate to continue screening at some international genre festivals; to date it was screened at the Miami Film Festival in March and will try to get more details on where it will go next.

Heading on to catch another feature film and if you want to join the film fans at the festival, review the complete schedule with times and synopsis of each feature and short film to be screened, visit I heard there will be a substitute for tonight’s feature where there is a dark banner with the white TBA letters showing on the film’s schedule on the website. I would venture to say viewers will not be disappointed, especially when it is by a local filmmaker and features local actors. What is there not support?


Liz Lopez



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