Austin Lost a Strong Support for Tejano Music as He Documented Live Music

Raphael Rodriguez, band member of the AT Boyz from Austin, posted on Facebook today (below) about the loss of his uncle, Robert Rodriguez, well known in the community for his support of music and his program, Estamos En Tejas.
Robert Rodriguez [Estamos en Tejas]
“It is with a sad heart that I say goodby to such a great man who inspired many especially me for those of you who knew Uncle Robert personally I am sure he touc…hed your heart in some sort of special way be it with one of his jokes or through his inspirational guidance or expertise regarding life or his many years of dedication to Tejano Music with the filming of his show Estamos En Tejas Love You Uncle Robert your memory lives forever dale gas!!!!”
There is no news documented about services as of yet.
Austin has lost a strong music advocate, but leaves many memories and films behind as his mark on the film and music industry.
Liz Lopez
Source: Raphael Rodriguez

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