Taping of Conjunto los Pinkys Coming Soon and the Public is Invited

IMG_0625Los Pinkys [WH] SXSW banner [IMG_0627]

Conjunto los Pinkys taking the stage during the SXSW Music Festival 2013

[Photo credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork]

Conjunto los Pinkys fans who were at the White Horse on Father’s Day Sunday, June 16th were the first to hear, but today, Bradley Jaye Williams told me the KLRU filmmakers responsible for documenting this fabulous musical group will be heading to the White Horse for both upcoming shows, June 23rd and June 30th to film the performance. As Williams stated, “If you want to be in the film, come on out, but if not, just be aware film cameras will be around!”

The footage from the performance will then be incorporated into the documentary to be aired by KLRU, the Austin PBS affiliate, in September. For bookings and additional information on the filming and future broadcast, contact Williams at  512-391-0730 or e-mail at lospinkys@earthlink.net.

Liz Lopez



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