Feature from SXSW – The East – Arrives in Theaters Today

The EAST_poster_copy[2]

The East is a feature film that screened during the latter part of the SXSW Film Festival this past March, and among the many films that I viewed, this is easily one of my favorite films. It is so much so, that when I was offered another opportunity to view it more recently, I decided not to miss it. Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling have written a very sharp screenplay that captivates viewers throughout; beginning to end. Both times I viewed this 116 minute dramatic production that has action and mystery as well, I felt a mixture of emotions about the characters in the group named The East, as well as those in the corporate world. This is one film that I will not hesitate to recommend, as it is totally worth the entertainment for the price at the theater.

I have not had an opportunity to have someone around to discuss this film with after viewing it, as I was alone each time. I do not doubt that this will be one of those films that will cause audience members to want to have a dialogue about it, given the themes.

Marling is excellent as Sarah Moss, a hand picked operative for an elite private intelligence firm who goes undercover to infiltrate a group who is carrying out attacks on major corporations; not just any- but the ones that are this firm’s clients. It is not long after Sarah changes her suit and heels for the attire to blend in with people who do not want to be found, that she discovers changes in her that she never anticipated.

All of the cast is talented and work well together to bring this story to life. I have always loved Ellen Page’s work and this is one more performance that is just moving her further up in her successful career. She is excellent as Izzy and her story is one that I was not anticipated to end as it did.

The more I see Alex Skarsgard’s work, he too is one that I watch out for now with anticipation. Melancholia and Disconnect are two of his recent films that sparked my interest, but for television fans, he has been Eric Northman on True Blood since 2008. Do not miss him in this film. There are several scenes he is in that I believe are memorable. I will not spoil it here; go see.

Fox Searchlight’s THE EAST…do not forget it this weekend as it hits theaters.

Liz Lopez

Rating A

Source: Fox Searchlight



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