Film Festival Favorite, Love is All You Need Arrives in Austin This Weekend

 Love is all You Need was an Official Selection of the Venice Film Festival (Out of competition), as well as the Toronto International Film Festival last year. It has been in theaters internationally since then and I am so glad that Sony Pictures Classics is distributing the film in US theaters as of this month.

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Lucky for Austin and surrounding area film fans, the Regal Arbor Theater is host for this award winning film as of May 31st. Love is all You Need is an engaging story with mature themes that viewers of all ages will be able to enjoy and consider a time well spent in the theater.


Love is all You Need is directed by Susanne Bier, based on the the story she wrote with Anders Thomas Jensen and features Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm, who was nominated in the Best Actress category of several festivals where it has screened since September. When the story begins, these two characters are not at the happiest point of their life and their initial meeting is certainly not love at first sight. The uncomfortable situation becomes even moreso when they discover that their respective child is about to be married to each other.


The relationship begins to change for the bride’s Mom and the groom’s Dad after spending several days in Italy preparing for the wedding and celebrating for days ahead (or so it seems to me in the film). As they change their attitude about life and each other, so it goes for other couples in the film. I think it is a very good mix of humor, drama and romance without being totally bombarded with explicit scenes. The sexual scenes that are in the film are very much a part of the film that the informs the viewer about how this will alter the course of the character’s relationships. I am trying hard not to spoil scenes here, but the word “crash” comes to mind now.

I walked out of the theater very happy with the entire package; story, performances, music and cinematography. I do not mind sub-titles in the least, but it is in English and does have sub-titles for the languages spoken as they travel in Europe. The award winning writer and director has another hit in my book and is one I totally endorse as you decide where to spend your movie bucks this weekend. It’s amore!

Liz Lopez

Rating A

Source: Sony Pictures Classics



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