Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden Visit Brazil

At 12pm local time/11am ET, the Vice President will deliver a speech on the U.S.-Brazil partnership at Pier Maua. Audio of the Vice President’s speech will be streamed live to .

In the afternoon, the Vice President will visit the Petrobras Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES) facility in Rio to discuss energy cooperation between Brazil and the United States.  Afterwards, the Vice President will meet with Brazilian business, trade, and investment leaders at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Technology Park.

Dr. Jill Biden:

At 10 am local time/9 am ET, Dr. Jill Biden will visit the Coletivo Varejo program, part of Coca-Cola Brazil’s Coletivo CSR platform, through which Coca-Cola integrates its supply chain in order to transform the lives of thousands of people by boosting self-esteem and generating income.

The Coletivo Varejo program in Cantagalo is located at Espaço Criança Esperança (ECE). ECE’s centers aim to ensure the rights of Brazilian youth through sports, cultural, educational and community engagement activities on full-time basis.



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