Family Friendly ‘Epic’ in Theaters Today

Epic poster on IMDb

EPIC is the animated adventure-comedy in 3D in theaters today, May 24, 2013. Directed by Chris Wedge, the film is adapted by William Joyce based on the book The Leaf Men and The Brave Good Bugs. Joyce shares writing credits with James V. Hart and Chris Wedge for the story, as well as sharing credit for the screenplay with James V. Hart, Daniel Shere, Tom J. Astle and   Matt Ember. Overall, I did enjoy the story for this film, but I quickly noted in the film there was immediate comparison to Avatar in some ways, even if they are small creatures. I do love the concept of trying to keep the natural world alive, green and thriving.

The voice cast does an excellent job, including Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Beyoncé Knowles, Aziz Ansari, Chris O’Dowd, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis, Steven Tyler, Blake Anderson and Judah Friedlander.

The film does receive very high points for being family friendly and with a long weekend upon us, I certainly do recommend this for families who are not planning to venture outdoors for the Memorial Day weekend.

Liz Lopez

Rating B-

Source: 20th Century Fox


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