32nd Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival in San Antonio Features Music and More

Tejano Conjunto Fest May 2013

Here are some highlights from the festival:

Wednesday, May 15 Guadalupe Theater | 9:30am-12pm | Free for Seniors

9:30am – Lydia Mendoza Stamp Launch Ceremony – The Music Icons stamp series was created to honor Americans who have helped shape popular music in America.

Lydia Mendoza stamp [info_010_1] [usps]

The official unveiling of this forever stamp will be Wednesday May 15, 2013 at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.  Members of the Mendoza family as well as other guests are scheduled to appear. The Postal Service™ will issue a Lydia Mendoza First-Class Mail® commemorative stamp (Forever® priced at 46 cents) in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 16 stamps (Item 579200). The stamp will go on sale nationwide May 15, 2013.

10am – Free for Seniors Conjunto Dance: Santos Soza y sus Estrellas

Saturday, May 18 Rosedale Park | 12pm-12am | $15

Puro Conjunto Pesado: Hecho en Tejas

12pm – Student Showcase: Conjunto Juan Seguín/Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguín  *  Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center  *  Conjunto Heritage Taller  *  Estrellas de Acordeón/Houston Accordion Performers  *  La Joya  Independent School District * Conjunto Palo Alto/ Palo Alto College
6pm – Conjunto Baraja de Oro  (Midlothian)
Saturday, May 18 Guadalupe Theatre | 9-12:30pm | $40

Accordion Tuning, Maintenance & Repair Workshop and Button Accordion & Bajo Sexto Workshops

For more details on the festival, visit www.guadalupeculturalarts.org/


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