Arthur Newman Opens in Austin at Regal Arbor

Arthur Newman poster

Liz Lopez

Rating B+

Do you ever feel like you want to escape from your everyday life? Many of us do and a weekend getaway to the beach or countryside can help, but for some, that is not adequate to ease whatever troubles them. Such is the case for Wallace Avery (Colin Firth) but he takes it to another level by hatching an elaborate plan and going through with it. Middle aged and unhappy about every aspect of his life, personal and professional, Wallace becomes Arthur Newman and sets out to live in the world of golf. Firth is an amazing actor and to see him convert himself from one character to another, then to another level after he meets a gal on his path, Michaela “Mike” Fitzgerald (Emily Blunt), is totally entertaining. At first when I read Blunt was to act alongside this level of talent, I was not sure what to anticipate in the story, but in fact, this is one of the most impressive roles for her. I have enjoyed her performances before, especially in The Devil Wears Prada and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, but after viewing this dramatic performance, she is destined to receive even more awards recognition than she has to date.

“Mike” has her own set of problems in life, yet she is able to see through what Wallace is doing and eventually, he sees through hers. Their relationship totally undergoes a change as Wallace’s Arthur gives into “Mike’s” style of escaping.

I like the script written a couple of decades ago by Becky Johnston (The Prince of Tides) with the mixture of drama, romance, humor and the realities of life as they unfold on screen by these talented actors. Johnston also serves as producer on the film and it is directed by Dante Ariola, an award-winning commercials director, in his feature debut, which has Man & Beast, a documentary short to his credit. After this great work, I would anticipate he will have additional offers.

The film also stars Anne Heche, Kristin Lehman, who has their own talents, but in this case are supporting to the two fantastic leads the story is based on. I certainly feel that this story will appeal to viewers of many ages. Enjoy it this Mother’s Day weekend!

Source: Cinedigm



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