Elida Reyna y Avante Release New Album from Freddie Records

EYA Nation Elida [9007]

EYA Nation is the new studio album from the award winning Texas based group, Elida Reyna Y Avante, that is released today, May 7, 2013 by Freddie Records.

In 2010, Elida Reyna y Avante won a Latin Grammy for Fantasia in the category Best Tejano Album, produced by Freddie Records. The following year at the 31st Annual Tejano Music Awards, Fantasia went on to win the Album of the Year – Tejano (category).

The group has received numerous awards from the Texas Talent Music Association [TTMA] during their annual awards, including Female Vocalist (yearly since 2007)and Entertainer of the Year. Most recently, I attended the 32nd Annual Tejano Music Awards in August 2012 held in San Antonio and among the awards won by this group is: Song of the YearJuntos Hasta Morir – Elida Reyna & Jesse Turner, as well as Vocal Duo of the Year – Elida Reyna & Jesse Turner – Juntos Hasta Morir; Female Vocalist of the Year – Elida Reyna and Entertainer of the Year – Elida Reyna.

The new release has the following songs and I am sure fans of this beautiful and talented artist will find to declare their favorite, if not all of them.

1. Muevelo Asi (con participacion de Yeyo)

2. Una Noche De Pasion

3. Dezolada

4. El Amor Que Me Das

5. Caldo De Pollo (con participacion de Jose Luis Davila, Vocalista of Grupo Mojado)

6. Siempre Te Recordare (dueto con Jesse Turner)

7. Ella O Yo

8. Sangre Latina

9. Nina (con participacion de Leylah Reyna)

10. Es Imposible

11. Como Una Estrella

12. Pero Es Muy Tarde

This award winning artist also has a film credit to her when she performed in the film Harvest of Redemption (2007).

Harvest of Redemption Malas Fronteras 2007_poster IMDb

Liz Lopez


Source: Freddie Records, Tejano Music Awards, Latin Grammy, film site


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