Katudi Productions’ Paper Cutouts to Steel Wins Silver Remi Award at Worldfest- Houston International Film Festival

On April 5th, I wrote about the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and made mention of a couple of feature length films that I knew would be screened during the festival.

I now have the list of the Remi winning films from the 2013 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and discovered there were several entries from Austin filmmakers in the festival. News from Mary Jane Garza alerted me to the fact that her brother, Arturo Garza’s film, Paper Cutouts to Steel about their sister Carmen Lomas Garza’s artistic endeavors, has won the Silver Remi Award last month. The Worldfest site indicates it is from Katudi Productions.

The synopsis and clip of the video is published on www.youtube.com/ on April  7th, 2013 and states “Paper Cutouts to Steel traces the vision and creative process by which Chicana artist Carmen Lomas Garza’s paper cutouts become two-story steel murals that transform a dilapidated motel into award-winning transitional housing in a Houston barrio.”

A New Hope Housing residence is located on I-45 South and past Griggs Road in Houston. The Mexican paper cut-outs are made of white steel into murals on the side of four consecutive buildings and are two-stories high. One of the murals is El Abuelito Lomas watering his garden.

Photo Credit: Katudi
Now it’s 41st year, continues with its totally dedicated independent film screening format for the upcoming competitive international film festival, it was founded by award-winning producer/director Hunter Todd to present a quality film festival for the Independent filmmakers. For a complete list of the films and awards, visit https://worldfest.org/remi-winners/
Liz Lopez

Source: Mary Jane Garza, www.katudi.blogspot.com/, www.youtube.com/

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