The Company You Keep Opens in Austin and San Antonio Theaters April 26th

Lem Dobbs has written an excellent screenplay based on Neil Gordon’s novel, The Company You Keep, and Robert Redford directs, stars in, and produces the film by the same name. This dramatic thriller kept me engaged throughout the film, with very little to make me feel it is predictable. I have not yet read Gordon’s novel, but this film has elements of intrigue and a great cast that I think is worth spending movie bucks on this weekend when it opens in theaters.

The Company You Keep poster

I really enjoyed viewing the story unfold and the introduction of each character that comprised this network of friends and/or aquaintances. Some of the characters have shorter scenes in the film than others,  and it can be disappointing if it is a favorite actor, but nonetheless, each character serves a purpose to move the story along and also give the viewer clues as to what has transpired in the past decades that many want to keep quiet.

Of all the veteran cast members in the film, the one I had trouble identifying is Julie Christie. She looked familiar, but not enough to recall her name while I was viewing the film. Although Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, Richard Jenkins, and Sam Elliott (among others) each have limited scenes in the film, their performances are top notch.

In the film, Redford is a widowed attorney, Jim Grant, with a young daughter. His otherwise normal life is changed when a young newspaper reporter, Ben Shepard (Shia LaBeouf), starts to do research for an assignment from his editor, Ray Fuller (Stanley Tucci).

Shepard is going strong conducting inquiries here and there, yet it is after he meets Rebecca Osborne (Brit Marling) that he takes a second look at the impact of his actions and decisions and who they effect.

The cast also includes Terrence Howard, Anna Kendrick, and Brendan Gleeson, all in law enforcement roles, among many other actors in this production. The film is rated R and the run time is 125 minutes.

The Company You Keep opens in Austin at the Violet Crown Cinema, Regal Arbor and AMC Barton Creek and in San Antonio at the Santikos Bijou Cinema Bistro.

Liz Lopez

Rating A

Source: Sony Classics



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