The film Disconnect Opens in Austin Theaters April 26th

Disconnect poster

I had the opportunity to view the drama, Disconnect, directed by Henry Alex Rubin, based on the screenplay by Andrew Stern and it is a powerful story conveyed through the lives of several families or individuals who are impacted by the way we live our lives today surrounded by all the technology available to us. All too often we have heard how we humans have lost true connections with each other and Stern does not shy away from telling his story with the positive and the negative side of this technology on our world.

I did not initially consider it, but there comes a time in the film that reminds me of Crash when the lives of the families intersect. I do not necessarily view this as a carbon copy, just that there was a similarity that came to mind. It really works for this film considering the topic of being behind the technology instead of face to face. The story with the young teens from the same school is very good, but by the time the damage is done around the school, I was able to predict that the worse was yet to come to one of them. Bateman is very impressive in this drama and makes up for some of the not so good comedic films he has participated in.

All of the actors varying in age and experience with film acting give excellent performances. Another impressive scene is with between Alexander Skarsgård’s character, Derek Hull and Michael Nyqvist’s  character, Stephen Schumacher. I will try not to spoil it, but I was not sure which character was going to win out in the face to face meeting.

Jason Bateman is Rich Boyd, a busy attorney, married to Lydia (Hope Davis) and they have two teens, Ben (Jonah Bobo) and Abby (Haley Ramm). Mike Dixon (Frank Grillo) is a former law enforcement officer, rather recently widowed and cares for his son Jason (Colin Ford), who has too much time on his hands to spend with his buddy, Frye (Aviad Bernstein) and devise ways to entertain themselves at someone else’s expense.
The film also stars Paula Patton, Andrea Riseborough, Max Thieriot, among others.
Disconnect will be opening in Austin on April 26th at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Arbor Cinemas at Great Hills, and Tinseltown 17. It is a great drama, so don’t miss it!

Liz Lopez

Rating B+

Source: LD Entertainment



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