Lambert’s to Host Cinco de Mayo Celebration on Saturday Evening

Lamberts Cinco 5.4.2013

Patricia Vonne, Gina Chavez and Billy Wilson on one stage on a Saturday night? This is a showcase not to miss, featuring award winning great musical artists from our the Texas capital.

Patricia Vonne [CMN] close up [IMG_9521]

Patricia Vonne is scheduled to perform appearing as Zorro Girl from Sin City at, but will be back in town for this exciting show on Saturday. Vonne placed in the top ten in the Best Latin Rock category. This talented musician is working on her upcoming CD Rattle My Cage and more information is available at [Photo credit: Liz Lopez]


Gina Chavez placed first in the Best Latin Traditional category of the Austin Music Awards during SXSW 2013, as well as in the top ten in the Best Latin Rock category and in the Best Female Vocals category. [Photo credit/courtesy of PhotobyChavez]

Both Patricia Vonne and Gina Chavez have performed during the Austin Latino Music Association’s yearly Women in Latin Music showcase and were a resounding success with fans.

Find out more about Billy Wilson and his latest projects on

Liz Lopez



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