After AFF 2012, It’s A Disaster Arrives in Austin Theaters

I enjoyed so many movies during the 2012 Austin Film Festival (AFF), but easily one of my favorites (aside from the ones that were Oscar – nominated) is writer/director Todd Berger’s It’s a Disaster.

movie poster

During the festival, I was working the red carpet arrivals and had the opportunity to meet members of the cast and crew as well as photograph them. Below is a sampling of the photos of the stars.

America Erinn [AFF 2012 red carpet ] IMG_9225Fellow journalists talk to America Ferrera and Erinn Hayes on the red carpet in front of the Paramount Theater in Austin. Ferrera’s character in the film is Hedy Galili and Hayes character is Emma Mandrake. [photo credit: Liz Lopez]


The lovely Julia Stiles attended the AFF 2012 and graciously talked to reporters as she walked the red carpet. Her character in the film is Tracy Scott. [photo credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork]

America Ferrera [AFF 2012 banner] IMG_9221

I enjoyed all the cast member’s performances in this 88 minute comedic film, but it is great how Ferrera transforms her character as the group is trying to deal with the situation at hand. Many of us who are America Ferrera fans know how talented she is, with her Funny or Die episode (2011) and her performance as Betty Suarez on the long running television series, Ugly Betty (2006-2010).

Todd Berger and cast AFF 2012 [IMG_9232]

Writer/director Todd Berger (center) is flanked by several of the actors who are in this ensemble comedy, who end up together much longer than expected after several couples had met for their monthly brunch get together. They feel trapped in the home after they are informed of an attack on the city that is very likely going to lead to their demise. It is not long after that many truths start to surface as they believe the end is near.

It is a shame if someone were to miss viewing It’s A Disaster while it is in the local theaters, as Berger has written a great story and cast some very talented actors to bring to live the characters he developed. Each character has something they have to deal with and in reality, the viewer may start to wonder how long it would take for things to deteriorate if this was in your own home.

It is currently showing at Violet Crown Cinema in Austin, Texas and several cities around the country, with more to be added in May. Check local listings.

Liz Lopez

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