Filly Brown has a Theatrical Release April 19th After Film Festivals

Filly Brown poster with profile

Filly Brown screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in the US Narrative Feature category and subsequently went on to screen during various film festivals, two of them in Texas this year – in San Antonio (closing-night film of the 35th annual CineFestival) and Houston’s Worldfest earlier this month.

Jenni_Rivera_3The late Jenni Rivera performed as the mother to the young aspiring musician.

The film was not screened for press in Austin, so I cannot provide a review yet, but I certainly want to alert readers to the film official opening on Friday, April 19th. In conducting an online search for Austin theater listings though, three theaters are already screening the film tonight, April 18th, at 10pm – or shortly thereafter.

Lou Diamond Phillips 628x471

San Antonio is having an advance screening tonight at a local theater, so for those of you who do not have a pass for it, check your local listings among the seven Santikos Theaters to find which one will have it on their screens.

Synopsis provided by Pantelion:

Filly Brown is the inspiring portrait of a young woman striving to find her voice – without compromising herself or the fate of her family. Majo Tonorio, aka, Filly Brown, played by Gina Rodriguez, is a young aspiring hip-hop artist from Los Angeles. With her mother, Jenni Rivera, in prison and her father, Lou Diamond Phillips, struggling to provide for his daughters, Filly knows that a record contract just may be the answer to her family’s financial problems. So when a record producer offers her a shot at stardom, she has to choose between selling out her dreams – or saving her family.

Directed by Youssef Delara and Michael Olmos, Filly Brown is propelled
by an exceptional cast featuring Lou Diamond Phillips, Edward James Olmos and the legendary Jenni Rivera in her final on-screen performance. Fueled by a fierce hip-hop score, Filly Brown heralds the arrival of Gina Rodriguez in the electrifying title role.

Liz Lopez

Source: Pantelion, CineFestival, Worldfest


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