Malik’s To the Wonder in Theaters Today


The Austin Film Society, Magnolia Pictures and the Violet Crown Cinema held an invitation only screening of Terrence Malick’s critically-aclaimed drama To The Wonder on Thursday, April 11th at the Violet Crown Cinema located in downtown Austin.

In attendance was producer Nicolas Gonda and Alexandra Malick, who both introduced the new feature film. Also serving as producer is Sarah Green (AFS Advisory Board Member).

The film is full of beautiful imagery and music as writer/director Malick (The Tree of Life, Days of Heaven), as he tells the story of love; the good and the bad, without hearing the typical verbage we knows that goes along with romance. The French dialogue has English sub-titles. I actually liked viewing the creative method with the cinematography by five-time Academy Award nominated cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Children of Men, The Tree of Life), that conveys to the viewer so much about the characters.

Olga Kurylenko is a Parisian single mother, Marina who is in a relationship with a Midwestern tourist Neil (Ben Affleck). It is not long before the love and lust relationship changes from France, once they are back in the states. Things would change for most anyone if they also relocated to Oklahoma!! Marina heads to France to deal with her child’s issues aside from her Visa expiration, and it is not long before Neil spends quality time with a past love, Jane (Rachel McAdams).

The local priest (Javier Bardem) is carrying his duties around the community, but all the while asks himself many questions about his path (in Spanish with English sub-titles).

Fans of Malick’s creative works are in for a treat!

Liz Lopez


Source: Magnolia Pictures


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