Evil Dead Arrives in Theaters April 5th


Evil Dead is 91 minutes of horror; sheer horror. Ok, I exaggerate; maybe only the first couple of minutes are not, but it does not take long to know how intense this film is going to be after Mia (Jane Levy) has her car accident and Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) is reading from the book he shouldn’t have. I doubt that I am really giving away much of the current film that is based on the 1981 screenplay by Sam Raimi. The remake of Raimi’s screenplay is co- written by Rodo Sayagues and Fede Alvarez, who serves as director.

The film made its World Premiere at the SXSW Film Festival last month in Austin when the festival kicked off on March 8th. Although I attended the festival and worked several films, this was one I was not lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet Fede Alvarez. There was plenty of demand for their time as this film has had plenty of anticipation by film fans of the original.

Evil_Dead_director_credit_Courtesy_of_TriStar                                                                       Fede Alvarez
I have heard several fans tell me they grew up with this being their favorite horror film and the interesting thing about this is that they vary in age. Obviously, some were very, very, young when they were allowed to watch Raimi’s version of what can go very wrong on a weekend away from home and in the woods.

I did not get into the original film released in the early 1980s – not because I do not like films – but horror films were not the first ones I ran to view in theaters back in the day. Now I have seen so many genre films and attended multiple genre festivals that when I did see Evil Dead, I ended up being disappointed in the story of young people off camping or visiting a remote cabin and things going wrong.

I am not saying do not go see the remake of Evil Dead; not at all. I think it has some great cinematography by Aaron Morton that will make the viewer cringe when things are slimy, slithering and body parts are coming off. This film has an R rating, but it is not like other R rated films for smoking and language; oh no, this has so much violence and gore shot in close up scenes. The viewer is not going to get away from being bombarded with evil acts, up to and until the red rain falls and only one remains.

I am impressed by all the five young actors, Levy, Pucci, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore. I did note the latter actress, Blackmore, at first appears to be window dressing as Fernandez’ character’s girlfriend at the very beginning. It is not until bodies star falling and she resurfaces that we remember she is in the cabin as one of the five to be feasted on by the “thing” out in the woods. This is not to blame the actor, but instead the script that does not give her much to do or be from the get go.

Horror fans can feast their eyes on Evil Dead on Friday, April 05, 2013. Provecho!


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