Universal Pictures’ Jurassic Park in 3D Arrives in Theaters


Liz Lopez

Rating A

It hardly seems possible that twenty years have gone by since Steven Spielberg’s three-time Academy Award®-winning Jurassic Park was in theaters. I remember how the adventure/Sci-fi film made me feel the first time around, with the cloned dinosaurs taking over the park created by John Hammond (Richard Attenborough). I did not see the film again in its entirety over the last two decades, but viewing it in 3D was exciting for me, almost as if I was viewing it again for the first time. I looked forward to the screening and despite knowing how the story by Michael Crichton ends, I was not disappointed. Film fans that may have grown up viewing it in VHS will no doubt be thrilled to view it in a theater and with the quality 3D adds to this epic production.

It was fun being surprised by some of the scenes I had forgotten, especially when Ray Arnold’s (Samuel L. Jackson) arm lands unexpectedly on Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern). I almost did not recognize Samuel L. Jackson since I have become accustomed to seeing him as Nick Fury lately in Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers, so younger film fans may get a kick out of seeing the other character he portrayed a few years back.


I have been a fan of Jeff Goldblum since (I hate to admit how long) early in his extensive film and television career, that dates back for quite a while. It is great to see Dr. Ian Malcolm in (and out of) his black jacket once again and glad the new generation of viewers will be learning about this talented actor – if they do not know of him already. Dr. Ian Malcolm does an excellent job of getting to others, especially Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill). These are still some of my favorite scenes, aside from the scenes of the dinosaurs chasing their next meal.

DINO and car

The filming locations for Jurassic Park include Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and multiple sites in California. The cinematography by Dean Cundey was stunningly beautiful in the original release and viewing the lush greenery and waterfalls are even more breathtaking to me now as I viewed them again, but now in 3D.

Universal Pictures will release Jurassic Park in 3D on April 5, 2013.  I totally recommend revisiting this film and taking a “newbee” along for the thrill of a Sci-fi film this weekend.



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