Premiere of Rogue is Tonight on DIRECTV; One Not to Miss!

Rogue letters [image002]

Premieres on DIRECTV’s Audience Network on Wednesday, April 3rd at 9pm EST / 8pm CST

About Audience Network’s First Original Series ROGUE:

When an undercover detective, obsessed with finding her son’s killer, is driven into a secret partnership with an Oakland crime boss, desperate to identify the traitor in his crew, their alliance unearths information that threatens to destroy both their families — truth has its consequences. Starring: Thandie Newton as Grace Travis; Marton Csokas as Jimmy Laszlo ; Ian Tracey as Detective Lucas “Mitch” Mitchel; Joshua Sasse as Alec Laszlo; Ian Hart as Detective Buddy Wilson; Kavan Smith as Tom Travis; Matthew Beard as Max Laszlo; Leah Gibson as Cathy Laszlo and many more.

Leah [full] IMG_9740

Joshua Sasse [below on left], Leah Gibson [above/center] and Matthew Beard [below on right] as they made their ‘red carpet’ entrance for the Road to Rogue Party presented by DIRECTV’s Audience Network at the Rattle Inn in downtown Austin during their promotional visit amidst the sounds and sights of the SXSW festivals last month. [Photo Credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork]

Matt [full] IMG_9748Josh [full] IMG_9745Joshua Sasse (Alec Laszlo) film credits include The Big I Am and upcoming Frankenstein’s Army; Leah Diane Gibson (Cathy Laszlo) film credits include Watchmen, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes; Matthew Beard (Max Laszlo) film credits include Singularity, King of Soho, Labyrinth

From the 1950s The Untouchables, to the more recent The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and The Borgias, television series about crime families and organized crime have been popular and thus award winning programming across different networks.

Tonight’s premiere of Rogue across DIRECTV’s Audience Network is sure to be a winner, given the level of talent involved with the production, led by Nick Hamm [Executive Producer/ Show Runner] and Matthew Parkhill [creator/writer].

There is no doubt that I cannot be hooked with this series after having met the three cast members above in mid-March. In person, I noted a strong, but natural connection among the three cast members and as they spoke of their characters and their experience, I was hooked.

I wholeheartly enjoyed meeting and interviewing them all for their own individual personalities. As for Joshua, ladies and gentlmen, I know he is a talent who I want to follow. He has good looks and charm to boot and with one look, can say volumes. Run to the television set NOW!

Liz Lopez


Source: Rogue/DIRECTV


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