Happy Easter and Welcome the Joys of Spring


Photo credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork

However you are spending your Easter Sunday (for those who observe it) and/or Cesar Chavez’ birthday, I hope it is a peaceful and joyful day in whatever activity you enjoy – at work or play.


Gunner Daniel Miller working in his yard – Photo credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork

I was glad to read that several large businesses were closed today, thus giving their employees time to spend with their families and loved ones. In particular, I noted two of the businesses were grocery stores and for some of us, it forced us to plan ahead and go to the market to get what we need the day before instead of the day of. I am glad for the employees and their day off.

I thought at our family gathering, we were to have had a light breakfast, as the grill was to go on early for our late lunch. That was the plan on Saturday, but instead, we all seemed to wake up hungry on Sunday morning and with the generosity of my sisters and brother in law, we had a huge sampling of corn, wheat and flour tortillas to fill up with prepared foods from the local deli and I am not like talking about the style of deli in urban cities.

The sabores ricos de la carne y menudo from the deli with prepared foods from the markets in deep south Texas have a distinctive taste from those in other cities. The carniceros know how to pick the right meats y los concineros give it the right sazon to make it mouth watering good when served up with the handmade tortillas y pico de gallo u otros chiles guisados. Oh and don’t forget the aguacate!

If you are planning a trip to South Texas, I encourage you to visit the two stores that carry the foods I talked about here, Aguilar’s Meat Market and Junior’s Supermarket, to take in the sabores of our American border cities.

Liz Lopez



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