Congratulations to Austin Music Award Winners and Nominees

The annual Austin Music Awards were held on March 13th during the SXSW Music Festival as has been customary for the last couple of decades (or very soon approaching). Many of the award winners have been featured in varied publications, but in this article, I am highlighting some of the many Austin based musicians I have seen throughout the years of my covering music in Austin and want to provide them more time in the limelight they deserve so well.


Gina Chavez won in the category Best Latin Traditional, as well as placed in the top ten nominations for the Best New Band (2), Best Latin Rock (3) and Best Female Vocals (6) [photo courtesy ByChavez]

Rosie Flores was nominated in three categories: Musician of the Year – placed (10), Album of the Year, placed (5) for Working Girl’s Guitar (Bloodshot) and Best Electric Guitar (6th).

Patricia Vonne [CMN] close up [IMG_9521]

Photo Credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork

Patricia Vonne was nominated in Best Latin Rock – placed (10).

Los Pinkys [WH 1.20.2013]

Photo Credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork

Conjunto Los Pinkys were nominated in the Best Latin Traditional – placed (8)

They played an official SXSW showcase during the festival at the White Horse.

The Bare Feat were nominated in the Best U-18 Band – placed (6)


Alejandro Escovedo was nominated in five categories, Musician of the Year (4th), Album of the Year (4th) Big Station (Fantasy), Band of the Year (6th), Best Roots Rock (10th) and Best Songwriter (7th)



Brownout won the category Best Latin Rock and was nominated for Album of the Year [photo credit Sandy Carson] and placed 6th for Oozy (Nat Geo Music).


Grupo Fantasma [on 1] IMG_9783                                                Photo Credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork

Grupo Fantasma was nominated in four categories, Best Latin Traditional (7th), Best Latin Rock – (7th), Best Producer (10th) Adrian Quesada and Best World Music (10th).

Grupo Fantasma performed at The Stage on 6th in an excellent showcase with Ozomatli and Bajofondo. Fantastic evening!!



Sonny Trujillo was inducted to the Hall of Fame 2012-2013 [photo credit Sandy Carson]

Los Texas Wranglers were nominated in several categories: Best Latin Rock – (2nd), Best Latin Traditional (2nd), Best Songwriter (9th) Julian Fernandez, Los Texas Wranglers, Best Bass (3rd) Amador Salazar, Los Texas Wranglers, Best Keyboards (2nd) Steve Silvas, Los Texas Wranglers, Best Drums/Percussion 2) Julian Fernandez, Los Texas Wranglers.  


Vallejo was nominated in several categories as well: Best Latin Rock (5th), Best Rock (6th), Best Bass (8th) Omar Vallejo, Best Drums/Percussion (5th) Alex Vallejo and Best Producer (2nd) A J Vallejo.


Vitera was nominated in two categories: Best Latin Rock (6th) and Best String Players (3rd) -Haydn Vitera, violin


Austin Samba School was nominated Best World Music (3rd) and Best Latin Traditional – (10th)


Los T-Birds were nominated in two categories, Best Folk (3rd) and Best None of the Above (5th)


El Tule was nominated in both Best Latin Traditional (5th) and Best World Music (5th)


Los Bad Apples were nominated in two categories: Best Hip-Hop/Rap (10th) and Best World Music (7th)


Best Latin Rock – Other nominees not mentioned above are 4) Del Castillo, 8) Los Lonely Boys and 9) 24-7.

Best Latin Traditional- Other nominees not mentioned above are 3) Trio Los Vigilantes, 6) Del Castillo, 7) Hector Ward & the Big Time, 9) Manuel “Cowboy” Donley & His Trio Romantico.


Best Hip-Hop/Rap – Trampia [winner]

Best Cover Band – Frank Gomez Band (8th)

Best Electronica/Club DJ – DJ Villa (7th) and DJ Manny (10th)

Best Jazz – Tito Carrillo (6th)

Best None of the Above Trio del Rio (8th)

Best World Music – Morena Soul (4th)

Best Electric Guitar – Jon Sanchez (9th)

Best Songwriter – Ram Vela, Whitman (10th)

For a complete list of the other winners and nominees:



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