Slamdance On The Road: Austin This Evening


The first leg of the 2013 traveling showcase, Slamdance On The Road: AUSTIN will be held this Saturday, March 2, 2013 at the Paramount: Stateside in Austin, TX 713 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701

Slamdance will showcase 2013 Grand Jury award winners Bible Quiz (Best Documentary) and The Dirties (Best Feature Narrative) together with Texas made shorts, Hearts of Napalm and Winkelmann, TX.  Following the screening of
The Dirties, there will be a “Coffee With…” discussion with indie filmmaker Bryan Poyser, director Matt Johnson, and producer Matt Miller.

Slamdance is also very excited to announce that Bryan Poyser (a two-time Independent Spirit Award nominee, currently on the board of directors for the Austin Film Society, and Slamdance Alumni) will be joining in the Saturday night, “Slamdance On The Road Coffee With…” The Dirties event following the screening of the film!
Our Coffee With…. events involve independent luminaries sharing their stories, creative trials and tribulations, and wisdom over a cup of coffee with our filmmakers. This event follows the careers and obstacles from the filmmaker’s perspective and answers that burning question, “How DO you make that second movie.” Past guests have included Ted Hope, Neil Young, Stan Lee, Vilmos Zsigmond, Jonathan Demme, among others.
5:00pm Feature: Bible Quiz w/ Short: Winkelmann, TX (and filmmaker Q&A):
7:30pm Feature: The Dirties w/ Short: Hearts of Napalm (and filmmaker Q&A):
9:00pm Slamdance On The Road Coffee With… Bryan Poyser & The Dirties
Links to purchase tickets to these screenings and the “Coffee With…” event will be available on as well as on
About Slamdance: As a year-round organization, Slamdance serves as a showcase for the discovery of the new and emerging talent and is dedicated to the nurturing and development of new independent artists and their cinematic vision.  The Slamdance 2013 Film Festival ran concurrently with the Sundance Film Festival, January 18-24, in Park City, Utah.  Slamdance continues to live by its mantra: “By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers.”  No other festival is fully programmed by filmmakers.
Slamdance is proud to count among its alumni many notable writers and directors who first gained notice at the festival, including such cinematic luminaries as Christopher Nolan, Oren Peli, Marc Forester, Jared Hess, Lena Dunham, Behn Zeitlin, Anthony and Joe Russo, Seth Gordon, and Lynn Shelton.  New filmmakers and writers today realize that Slamdance is a place to launch their careers.
Supporting the filmmakers beyond the festival and improving distribution opportunities for its films has become increasingly important for Slamdance.  After beginning an exclusive video on demand partnership with Microsoft in 2010, Slamdance has continued to expand its year-round platform and exhibition efforts on platforms like Xbox 360 and Cinecliq, as well as its theatrical On The Road programs in the US.  On The Road programs also took place abroad in 2012 in Moscow and Krakow.
The Slamdance 2013 Screenwriting Competition presented by JuntoBox Films will launch on February 25th and welcome screenplays in every genre, on any topic, from anywhere in the world.  Awards are given to the top three scripts in each category, with a Grand Prize of $10,000 cash and no less than $50,000 in production funds for the best feature-length screenplay regardless of category.
Slamdance is proud to partner with sponsors who share their unique vision and support emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries of independent filmmaking.  The 2013 Slamdance Film Festival’s Major Sponsors included Kodak, Carhartt and The Directors Guild of America. Official Sponsors included Blackmagic Design, Different By Design, JuntoBox Films, InkHead Promotional Products, and Variety, the Official Media Partner.
The 2014 Film Festival will run from January 17-23 and will mark Slamdance’s 20th Year.  You can be sure it will continue to burn with the desire to discover and support emerging artists from all different walks of life, all over the world.
Additional information about the Slamdance Film Festival is available at: | |
 [Source: Slamdance]

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