After Film Festivals, Only The Young Arrives in Austin Theater


Austin filmmaker Elizabeth Mims has had great success with the film Only The Young she directed with Jason Tippet. I say this as the 72 minute documentary has screened at the Hotdocs Film Festival (Canada), San Francisco International Film Festival and the Woodstock Film Festival before it arrived in  October 2012 at the Austin Film Festival (which I did not catch in the fall). The following month it went to Argentina for the Mar del Plata Film Festival and now will have a theatrical release as of today in Austin at the Violet Crown Cinema.

The filmmakers do a great job conveying how three teens, Garrison Saenz, Kevin Conway and Skye Elmore make the most of their lives in and around Santa Clarita, California, a small town located in the southern part of the state with not much to do and not in the best place economically.

They boys spend their time skateboarding and just exploring, trying to make abandoned things their own. Garrison and Kevin are best buds and constantly spend their time together. The viewer sees how life moves along, with Garrison having Skye as his girlfriend; a lovely, smart and witty teen who makes the most of her world with her grandparents. It is heartbreaking to know how her mother’s actions lead to Skye being there, but great to see the love and bond she has from her grandfather.

The viewer can run through the range of emotions in this film with the teens; their stories of how life evolves in a small town and what they do with it despite having so little.

I was not ready for the documentary to be over, as I hoped to know more about these teens after viewing what they face. What I am ready for is to see what other projects the filmmakers are involved with, as I have no doubt their names will continue to be heard again and with resounding success.


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