A Decade of Comedy in Latin American Cinema Film Series Continues


The film screens as part of the weekly series “A decade of comedy in Latin American cinema” offered from Cine las Americas. Wednesday, February 20, 8 PM – FREE Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC), 600 River St. [Map] – Tel: 512-974-3772

25 watts

A film by Juan Pablo Rebella & Pablo Stoll
2001, Uruguay, Comedy/Drama, 92 minutes.

Starring: Daniel Hendler, Jorge Temponi, Alfonso Tort
In Spanish with English subtitles

“A delightfully witty film, a wildly bizarre and often baffling work of comic invention that entertains at every turn.” – Ronan Doyle, NEXT PROJECTION

Three slackers in suburban Montevideo go about the weekend doing almost nothing. Leche (Daniel Hendler), worried about a foul premonition, should be studying for his Italian language exam, but is more concerned with hitting on his teacher; Javi (Jorge Temponi) can’t wait to get rid of his job announcing sales for the local convenience store from a car with a loudspeaker strapped to the roof; and Seba (Alfonso Tort) is mostly worried about what film he should rent from the local video store. No one has anything important to do, other than to survive the weekend. 25 WATTS is a classic of Latin American comedy cinema.
Tres jóvenes del Montevideo suburbano pasan el fin de semana haciendo casi nada. Leche (Daniel Hendler), preocupado por una premonición que no huele nada bien, debe estudiar para su clase de italiano, pero está más ocupado en enamorar a la maestra; Javi (Jorge Temponi) no puede esperar a largarse de su trabajo anunciando ofertas por un altavoz desde el auto; y Seba (Alfonso Tort) está más preocupado acerca de cuál película conseguirá en la renta de video del barrio. Nadie tiene nada importante que hacer, además de sobrevivir el fin de semana.
25 WATTS es un clásico del cine de comedia Latinoamericano.
For more information, visit cinelasamericas.org



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