Latin Noir; Melancholic Rarities From the Latin Music World

Latin Noir 2.19.2013 [AlbumCover][4182]

Latin Noir invites the listener to an emotional discovery of melancholic
rarities from the modern and traditional world of Latin Music

Latin Noir presents the fifth edition of the exclusively packaged Série Noir by Piranha
Musik in reference to an established genre for film and literature, darkly
illuminating life’s brooding, melancholy landscapes. It will be available February 19th.

This compilation features a selection of happy sad musical treasures from Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, New York and both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for hip shakin‘, hands-in-the-air party music for your next holiday cruise, this album is not for you. Latin Noir much rather pays a gloomy homage to a new
generation of the wretched of the earth and their Sisyphean journeys between
shipwreck and redemption, despair and hope.

The various musical styles on this deeply emotional journey span from the earthy, almost tango-like melancholy of the North-Argentinian Accordion via longing love songs of the Cuban Trovato touching laments about boat-refugees in a modern Latin-Mediterranean tinge.



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