Michael Salgado to Perform at Austin’s Tejano Ranch

Michael Salgado [3] [IMG_8811]

Photo Credit: Liz Lopez, Liz’s Lenzwork/Austin – Michael Salgado poses on the red carpet of the 2012 Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio outside the Alamodome, prior to a great performance that evening.

I have been following Michael Salgado’s career since the mid 1990s when I was photographing, and did some of my initial writing, for a Central Texas music publication that covered varied genres of music, both local and national. This was by no means the beginning of Michael’s career, as he has been performing since the decade before then. His fantastic hit, Cruz de Madera, certainly was a career boost that catapulted the hot accordeon player and vocalist to become the award winning artist he is today.

Michael will perform his great hits from the past as well as from his latest CD, Buscando Amor, at Tejano Ranch during the Totally Tejano Friday night weekly concerts. The most recent time I saw and heard Michael perform was around the holidays for an annual fundraising benefit concert in Pflugerville to help military families. He closed out the show and it was a great performance that was well worth the 40 mile round trip for me.

Even though I have media credentials and have opportunities to review music from various sources, I did not have Michael’s latest production and I purchased the new CD. Given the opportunity, I took advantage of the offer to have Michael autograph the CD when he and his band members were very open and giving of their time to talk to fans, sign autographs and pose for pictures, after the show.

My hat off to Michael, his brother and band member Ernie, plus all the other band members for spending time with the fans who wish to greet them. Fans appreciate it and your music.

I have been witness to many musical artists who do not do this with their fans and in fact, refuse to give any time to their fans who paid to attend the performance, buy merchandise and wish to greet the talent. Whatever the reason the musical artists have for not greeting the public, some have really come across in a negative way to the public. I see the disappointment in the fans faces and hear the comments and have no doubt some artists have lost some fans due to this.

In over twenty years of attending a Michael Salgado performance, I can certainly say I have never been disappointed with the music, performance and the group’s friendly personality with their fans.

The Tejano Ranch website does not cite many details yet [as of this post] about the time of the show, nor the cover charge, but the venue is located at 7601 North Lamar in Austin and for more information, call 512.834.2640 and for updates, visit www.tejanoranchaustin.com/

Liz Lopez



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