Identity Thief in Nationwide Theaters Today


Liz Lopez

Rating B

When I first read that Identity Thief is directed by Seth Gordon, who also directed Horrible Bosses that Jason Bateman also starred in, I was apprehensive about viewing this new feature film since I really disliked Horrible Bosses. I relaxed about the film Identity Thief after I read the material from Universal Studios that the writers are completely different from Gordon’s prior work. I then had a more open mind for this comedy as I approached viewing the film. The story is by Craig Mazin and he co-wrote the screenplay with Jerry Eeten. I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised that the story turned out to have more depth to it than what I expected after seeing the trailers over and over prior to the screening. Melissa McCarthy became a favorite comedic actress of mine after her performance in Bridesmaids, and she is the primary reason for my anticipation of viewing Identity Thief. She does not disappoint in any of the scenes, comedic or more subdued when the story calls for it, and this is one comedy I think is not to be missed this year.

McCarthy and Bateman paired together make a good comedic duo and watching them together on the road trip from Florida to Colorado is funny, hilarious and sometimes may have people in stitches. It varies in humor, according to each viewer’s taste, but I do not recall any of the humor falling flat. Jon Favreau has a small scene in the film as account representative Sandy’s (Bateman’s character) first boss, Harold Cornish, and in that brief time, he says enough to make you think he is one of the characters from Horrible Bosses. Just horrible! John Cho is Sandy’s co-worker turned new boss, Daniel Casey, and Amanda Peet is Trish, the sweet pregnant wife to Sandy, who dotes on the two daughters they have. It is good to see her on the big screen once again, even if more brief than in other films, as I have enjoyed her performances in the past.

The comedy co-stars Tip “T.I.” Harris and Genesis Rodriguez, as Julian and Marisol, the pair of thugs out to catch up with Diana (McCarthy) for her deeds gone wrong with people one should not mess with. Robert Patrick is excellent as Skiptracer; quite a menacing character in his customized van ready to carry cargo that has a tendency to run away.  Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) is hilarious as Big Chuck, Diana’s “love interest” along the road trip as she and Bateman travel cross country. Morris Chestnut rounds out the cast as the Colorado detective in charge of the thief wrecking Sandy Patterson’s life.

Sandy has a week to get his name and life back. Go check out this film to find out the details – especially the road trip – as to what he endures with Diana. What would you do? Identity Thief opens nationwide today, Friday, February 8th.



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