NOW available at Turntable Records – AJ Castillo’s new CD, The New Movement



  1. Enloquecer
  2. Te Quiero Amar
  3. En Mi Corazón (f/Sergio Castillo)
  4. La Quemadita
  5. Solo Mentías
  6. Tiempo Quemado (f/Sergio Castillo)
  7. Volar Bailando
  8. Olvidarnos de Ellas
  9. Adoro (f/Sergio Castillo)
  10. Que Nos Paso

AJ is a native of Austin, TX, and is a recent graduate of The University of
Texas at San Antonio. Born to a musical family, he was introduced to the
accordion by his grandfather. He started playing the accordion at the age of
9/10 and began his professional music career at 13. Today, this young talented musician is reaching Latin music fans all over the world and has beeen recognized by professionals in the Latin music industry.

For more information, visit

Turntable Records –

Now open 5-8pm, Tuesday through Friday, 11am – 7pm Saturday
Call for reservations on Sundays or Mondays
1903 S. First Street
512-923-3511 (cell phone, 24/7)
512-462-2568 store

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