Indomina Media and Cast/Filmmakers of FILLY BROWN Issue Official Statements

Jenni Rivera, California born and raised singer, producer and actress, died in an airplane crash in Mexico on December 9th. She was a cast member of Filly Brown, a film that screened at the Sundance Film Festival early this year and was pending a theatrical release in 2013.
Photo courtesy of Indomina Media- still of Jenni Rivera from Filly Brown 
In light of the unfortunate tragedy that has taken the life of beloved Mexican-American singer and actress Jenni Rivera, Indomina Media and the cast/filmmakers of her upcoming movie FILLY BROWN have issued the following statements.

We are shocked and devastated by the tragic loss of our friend and colleague Jenni Rivera. She was a uniquely talented woman and an inspiration to millions, especially those of us who were lucky enough to work with her. Though she’ll be remembered as an iconic singer, she was also a powerful actress whose full range of talents the world was just beginning to discover. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her children and family. — on behalf of the Directors, Producers, Cast and Crew of Filly Brown

Estamos conmocionados y devastados por la trágica pérdida de nuestra amiga y colega Jenni Rivera. Ella era una mujer con un talento único y una inspiración para millones, especialmente para los que tuvimos la suerte de trabajar con ella. Aunque será recordada como una cantante legendaria, también era una extraordinaria actriz con un amplio rango de talentos que el mundo recién estaba empezando a descubrir. Enviamos nuestros pensamientos y nuestros rezos a sus hijos y a su familia — en nombre de los directores, productores, elenco y equipo técnico de Filly Brown.


The world lost an extraordinary talent in the realm of Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, and Frank Sinatra, who took their singing artistry and became dramatic artists in film and television. Jenni Rivera was destined to surpass any artist that we have ever seen coming from the Mexican American culture. She was just starting. My love to her family, especially her children and her mother and father. —Edward James Olmos

El mundo ha perdido a un talento extraordinario en la linea de Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand y Frank Sinatra, que tomaron su arte para el canto y lo convirtieron en arte dramático para el cine y la televisión. Jenni Rivera estaba destinada a sobrepasar a cualquier otro artista que haya surgido de la cultura mexicoamericana. Apenas estaba empezando. Envio todo mi amor a su familia, especialmente a sus hijos, a su madre y a su padre. — Edward James Olmos


Liz Lopez


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