Sembrando Herencia 2012 – Mami Boricua Performance Today by the Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance

They came to Los Nuevayores with a dream. Their journey would change
them forever. Based in true history, Mami Boricua is a powerful tribute to the
Puerto Rican women, mothers and grandmothers, who contributed to union efforts to improve wages and working conditions for garment industry workers in New York City in the late 1950s.

Join Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance for Sembrando Herencia 2012, the 10th production that combines live music, dance, and theater to raise awareness of
often-forgotten elements from Puerto Rico’s rich heritage. Each year, the Sembrando program brings history to life for the audience, dancers, musicians, and performing arts students who share in the experience.

Mami Boricua is Tekina-eiru’ Maynard’s 10th original story, written in her
unmistakeable style filled with joy and adventure. Produced in collaboration with Rupert Reyes (Director, Teatro Vivo) and Zulmarie Alverio (Researcher, Puerto Rico).

Mami Boricua will debut on Sunday, December 9, 3pm, at the Davis Auditorium at the Texas School For the Deaf, 1102 S. Congress, Austin, Texas 78704.
Adult tickets, $12.00 in advance ($15 at the door). Child tickets (ages 3-12) are $5.00.
Children 2 and under are FREE.  Buy tickets online without service charge:

This production is sponsored in part by Target, the Texas Commission
on the Arts, La Pena through a grant by Humanities Texas, and the City of Austin
Cultural Arts Division, which believes an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.



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