The Austin Latino Theater Alliance presents La PastoreNovela Play Starting Tonight

The Austin Latino Theater Alliance ( ALTA) presents its production of the traditional pastorela, a holiday comedy for the whole family, starting Friday, November 30th at 8pm. It will be held at the Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River St in Austin.

Under the direction of Alejandro Pedemonte, eleven actors collaborate in this annual holiday tradition.  The cast is composed of actors including Mario Zamora, Karla Longnion, Diego Villarreal, Anjanette Gautier and Trini Martinez, among others.

This year, Miguel Angel Santana returns with an original, humorous script in the form of a Latin soap opera satire.  Santana’s pen modernizes classic characters from the Yuletide play from shepherds, demons and angels to Pilgrims, brining them to life as the Shepherd family (familia Pastor). Santana provided a script last year that was creative and different from prior scripts, yet stayed true to the over decade long theater tradition for Austin and surrounding areas.

La Patorela is a “uniquely Austin” holiday tradition for over a decade.  Originally a Yuletide play performed in Native American/Latino Communities since the late 16th century when Spanish missionary priests first introduced the act to Native Aztec Indians, the performance recounts the shepherd’s journey to Bethlehem as they encounter manifestations of evil. Each year’s production retains elements of the original tradition, but adds a lively bilingual contemporary theatrical twist to the overall performance of the dialogue, music and dance.

Catch the performances that continue until Saturday, December 15th. Tickets are available at the door and for more information, call 512-974-3772.






2 Responses to “The Austin Latino Theater Alliance presents La PastoreNovela Play Starting Tonight”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Dios mío, ayer tuvimos una noche divertidísima con esta obra de teatro. Nos encantó a mi mamá, a mi tía y a mí. Gracias

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