Director/Writter/Actor Grandmaster Y.K. Kim in Austin during Fantastic Fest for Miami Connection Screening; Film to Open at Alamo Drafthouse this Friday!

Director/Writter/ Actor Grandmaster Y.K. Kim introduces his 1987 film Miami Connection by serving some watermelon to Alamo lead programmer Zack Carlson.

Kim appears with his fellow Dragon Sound band members (and actors) Joe Diamand, Maurice Smith, Angelo Jannotti, Vince Hirsch. Photo credit for all:

If you missed one of the sold-out screenings of the film at Fantastic Fest (like I did and I was surrounded by fans), you probably still noticed a gathering of rabid fist-pumping attendees sporting official (or bootleg) sleeveless Dragon Sound tank-tops chanting “TAE KWON, TAE KWON DO!” As the “Friends Forever Army,” these enthusiastic converts can attest to the life-altering majesty of a communal Miami Connection experience.

The film that annihilated this year’s festival with unstoppable force, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim’s ultimate achievement in ’80s Tae Kwon Do anti-sanity Miami Connection, is hitting theaters across the country including New York City and Los Angeles in early November and Austin on Friday, November 9th at Alamo Drafthouse.


The year is 1987. Motorcycle ninjas tighten their grip on Florida’s narcotics trade, viciously annihilating anyone who dares move in on their turf. Multi-national martial arts rock band Dragon Sound have had enough, and embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice. When not chasing beach bunnies or performing their hit song “Against the Ninja,” Mark (kung-fu master/inspirational speaker Y.K. Kim) and the boys are kicking and chopping at the drug world’s smelliest underbelly. It’ll take every ounce of their blood and courage, but Dragon Sound can’t stop until they’ve completely destroyed the dealers, the drunk bikers, the kill-crazy ninjas, the middle-aged thugs, the “stupid cocaine”…and the entire Miami Connection!


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