Twenty New Fotobanners to be Unveiled in Honor of Dia de los Muertos in San Antonio

On Thursday,  November 1st, the public is invited to attend Esperanza Peace and Justice Center’s unveiling of 20 new fotobanners – enlarged historic photographs – in the Westside of San Antonio.  This  collaboration with JT Brackenridge Elementary in celebration  of Dia de los Muertos is the latest installment in Esperanza’s ongoing project En Aquellos Tiempos: Fotohistorias del Westside. The unveiling takes place from 4-5 pm at JT Brackenridge Elementary at 1214 Guadalupe St. in San Antonio.

Elders of the  Westside community who are pictured in the new Fotobanners will be in attendance as well as Melanie Zepeda, principal of JT Brackenridge Elementary with 4th and 5th grade students of the after school program S.T.A.R.S.

Patti Radle, SAISD board member and long time community advocate, will also be in attendance. “These Fotobanners help to put kids in touch with their own immediate world by viewing what the world looked like in their great-grandparents time.  It allows them to be    more in touch and more sensitive to the traditions they experience today. Maybe they will understand that things like quinceañeras and piñatas have a long tradition and are a piece  of their personal history.”

En Aquellos Tiempos: Fotohistorias del Westside is an ongoing celebration of the traditions and strengths of the gente del Westside San Antonio, Texas. Enlarged photos of familias, vecinos,  children, and community from the early 1900s to the 1950s collected from sabias y  sabios of the Westside are installed in open spaces, walls, schools and buildings throughout the neighborhood.

Started in 2006, Fotohistorias del Westside has grown into a free public street museum honoring our rooted history and culture.

For more information please call Melissa at 210.228.0201


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