Relaying a Story from Manhattan and Hurricane Sandy

I am sharing portions of an email I received from Gayle Kirschenbaum, an Emmy award winning filmmaker, TV producer and personality, who shares her story about Hurricane Sandy. She suggests links and ways to help, so scroll to the bottom after reading her story. For more information about her, visit


We are based in downtown Manhattan and our studio, which is right on the Hudson River, got badly flooded. As soon as the nine feet of water is completely pumped out of the basement, we will know how severe the damage is. The good news is that everyone is fine. We are without power and Kirschenbaum Productions forges ahead, each of us working remotely until we can regroup in one space. We have also hit the streets to capture some people’s stories which we will be bringing to you soon.

So many people have suffered tremendously losing their homes, irreplaceable possessions and even loved ones.  The devastation that Hurricane Sandy has caused is overwhelming. It will take time, lots of help and money to recover from its aftermath.  New Yorkers are resilient. I was here just blocks away when 9/11 happened.  Within hours, I was in a triage and spent the next several months volunteering.  In nine months, it was cleaned up. I am proud to be a New Yorker and I am sure that everyone will pull together to help as they did before.

I came across this fabulous list of ways to give aid which I wanted to share with you.

Be well and be safe!

Gayle Kirschenbaum and the devoted and fabulous Kirschenbaum Productions team

American Red Cross Financial donations, the Red Cross says, can make the biggest and most immediate impact.
Blood and platelet donations are also sorely needed, as blood drives were canceled due Sandy’s dangerous conditions. Find a blood donation center, make an appointment to donate and more. If you are in a position to volunteer, the Red Cross asks that you contact Red Cross Spontaneous Volunteer Director of Volunteer Administration Leslie Fletcher at, (215) 405-8558 or (267) 246-4521.

Salvation Army The Salvation Army is mobilizing feeding units and providing shelter to victims of the storm’s damage.

Feeding America Feeding America is working to provide food, water and supplies to those hit by the storm through their network of food banks and soup kitchens. Donate here.

AmeriCares AmeriCares has deployed emergency outreach to deliver medicines and supplies by people affected by Sandy. They will be making tetanus vaccines available as well as personal care and hygiene kits through partners across the damaged area.

Philabundance The Philadelphia-based organization is facing a food shortage, and is looking for dry food donations as well as financial donations to meet need.

Humane Society of the United States or the American Humane Association The animal relief organizations are working to rescue pets and other animals lost and hurt in the storm. Donate to the Humane Society or the American Humane Association.

World Vision and Save the Children Both organizations are aiming their aid at children affected by the storm. Visit the World Vision site or the Save the Children website for more information.

Team Rubicon and Samaritan’s Purse Both cleanup groups are looking for donations and volunteers to help with their field efforts. Visit the Team Rubicon website and the Samaritan’s Purse website for more.



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