Bill Cosby at Bass Concert Hall; Still Wowing Audiences

I had the opportunity to see and hear the comedic legend on October 28th at Bass Concert Hall during one of his two performances in Austin and I won’t forget the time. He sported a UT athletics uniform which the crowd was happy to see and sat through his performance. For a man in his 70s, he looked spry as he walked out, but certainly deserves to sit if he wants to as he delivers his comedy, oftentimes with just a look on his face.

I had not seen one of his stand up acts, nor had his books or CDs, but seeing him on television and film certainly had me laughing many a time.

Although he has a book on fatherhood, Cosby talked about motherhood and pain, how women make the house a home of their own and other fun stuff men endure.

Bill Cosby is one of America’s most beloved entertainers. Over the past century, few performers have achieved the legendary status of William H. Cosby, Jr. He is one of America’s most beloved entertainers with successes that span five decades and virtually all media.

In the 1960s, Cosby’s stand-up act was a coast-to-coast sensation, spawning a string of hilarious, best-selling comedy albums, which went on to garner eight Gold records, five Platinum records, and five Grammy Awards.

His role on TV’s I Spy made him the first African-American to co-star in a dramatic series, breaking television’s racial barrier and winning three Emmy Awards.

In the 1980s, he again rocked the television world withThe Cosby Show, a hugely successful series that single-handedly revived the family sitcom and NBC ratings.

With hit movies like Uptown Saturday Night and best-selling books like Fatherhood, Bill Cosby is quite simply a national treasure with the unique ability to touch people’s hearts.


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