A Plática/Presentation by author David Montejano

Red Salmon Arts presents a  plática/presentation with David  Montejano of his new books: Quixote’s Soldiers: A Local History of the Chicano  Movement, 1966–-1981 and Sancho’s Journal: Exploring the Political Edge with the Brown Berets.

In the mid-1960s, San Antonio, Texas, was a  segregated city governed by an entrenched Anglo social and business elite. In Quixote’s Soldiers, David  Montejano recounts how college student activists and  politicized social workers mobilized barrio youth and mounted an aggressive  challenge to both Anglo and Mexican American political elites. He looks at  the dynamic evolution of the Chicano movement and the emergence of clear gender  and class distinctions as women and ex-gang youth struggled to gain recognition  as serious political actors. Montejano also analyzes the failures and  successes of movement politics.

Sancho’s Journal presents an ethnography of daily life among the  “batos locos” as they joined the Brown Berets and became associated with the  greater Chicano movement. Montejano describes the motivations that brought young  men into the group and shows how they learned to link their individual troubles  with the larger issues of social inequality and discrimination that the movement  sought to redress. He also recounts his own journey as a scholar who came to  realize that, before he could tell this street-level story, he had to understand  the larger history of Mexican Americans and their struggle for a place in U.S.  society.

David Montejano, a native San  Antonian, is Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California,  Berkeley.  His fields of specialization include community studies,  historical and political sociology, and race and ethnic relations. He is the  author of the award-winning Anglos and  Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836–-1986 and the editor of Chicano  Politics and Society in the Late Twentieth Century.

Friday  Oct. 26, 7pm.  Resistencia  Bookstore, 1801-A South First St., 512-416-8885.  salmonrojo.tumblr.com.


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