Wuthering Heights Opens in Austin Theaters Today

I do like the classic novels by Emily Brontë and once again, the book has been adapted for a film.  I say once again, as this story has been adapted multiple times over the last century, either for theatrical release or television. Director Andrea Arnold co-wrote the screenplay with Olivia Hetreed, based on Hetreed’s screen story. The film felt exceptionally long, although it is only 129 minutes long, it did seem as if it could have been cut down a bit and the viewer would have still arrived at the same conclusion.

I was most impressed with actor Lee Shaw’s performance as Hindley, the son of the benevolent Yorkshire farmer, Mr. Earnshaw (Paul Hilton) who brought home a young stranger, Heathcliff (Solomon Glave). Shaw is excellent in portraying a horrible disposition; anger, envy and rage at having to share the little the family has. He absolutely does not want to abide by the teachings of the church or his father.

Mr. Earnshaw’s young daughter, Cathy (Shannon Beer) started off on the same foot at her elder brother, but this soon changes as she spends time with Heathcliff across the beautiful landscape in this film. Beer is also another impressive actress that shows an array of emotions and as an aspiring young actress, I have no doubt she will be cast in more films soon.

I do like the old-fashioned story, but by the time the children became adults in this screen story, I was ready for it to be over. The wintery scenes can likely make the viewer want to hibernate, so it certainly will make a great gift for those who love to view films at home [when this is released in video]. I would recommend a matinee maybe, only if hibernation is not an option this weekend and need to escape the four walls of your house.

I would save my movie bucks for other films in the community this weekend or enjoy the fall day outside instead.

Liz Lopez



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