Mexic Arte Hosts Dia de los Muertos Event; No Procession this Year


Mexic-Arte Museum will present the 29th annual Viva la Vida Festival on October 20, 2012, from 10:00 am- 10:00pm. The traditional street festival will now transform into an intimate visual spectacle inside of the Mexic-Arte Museum. The annual festival is Austin’s longest-running Day of the Dead event and will feature Latino artists, entertainment, Day of the Dead-themed exhibitions, and educational programs.

The procession beginning at Plaza Saltillo will not take place this year, but festival participants are encouraged to wear costumes to the event as there will be a costume contest at 7:30PM.

Attendees will also enjoy traditional foods from local restaurants, hands-on art activities, and artist demonstrations. For more information, please visit

Event Details: Viva la Vida Festival October 20, 2012 10:00 am- 10:00pm

Festival: 419 Congress Ave. Austin, Texas 78701

12 and under FREE all day

Museum Members FREE all day

10:00am-1:00pm FREE for all

1:00-10:00pm $5 for adults

Live Music Provided by DJ Chorizo Funk 5:00pm; El Tule 8:00pm

Live Costume Contest at 7:30pm

Mexic-Arte Museum Exhibitions

Elements of Death

Every first and second of November,  participants of the Latin American holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) honor and remember the deceased  through religious and secular services, processions, festivals, and altar-making. Using this cultural experience as a conceptual platform, the selected Latino and Latin American artists of Elements of Death present reflections on the concept of death and the elicited emotions concerning this process. The selected, multimedia works provide a commentary on the transitional states of memory, nostalgia, pain, and loss. Although not a direct reference to a corporeality – or lack thereof – each artist creates an archive of existence for their subject matter, positing individual reflections on cultural history, personal narratives, and the impermanence of being.

Community Altars

Community Altars unveils the altars of local community members and their visual revisitations of family members, friends, and loved ones as part of the Latin American holiday and celebration, El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). On the first and second of November, the return of the dead to Earth result in the creation of ornate altars that typically consist of memorabilia commemorating an individual, cempasuchitl (marigolds), and foodstuffs. The fluidity of this practice allows extended interpretations of remembering, and the selected Austin practitioners continue to pay homage to friends and family as well as a new set of dearly departed made up of community leaders, cultural influencers, unknown international casualties, and personal role models.

About Mexic-Arte Museum

Mexic-Arte Museum is dedicated to cultural enrichment and education through the presentation and promotion of traditional contemporary Mexican, Latino and Latin American art and culture. Since 1984, Mexic-Arte Museum has produced and presented cultural and educational programs for communities in Texas. Mexic-Arte Museum is one of the first museums in the United States to present Mexican and Mexican American art. In 2003, the 78th Legislature of the State of Texas recognizing the uniqueness and significant cultural role of Mexic-Arte Museum, it designated it as the “Official Mexican and Mexican American Art Museum of Texas.”



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