Alex Cross Opens in Theaters Today

Directed by Rob Cohen, writers Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson adapted James Patterson’s novel Cross for the feature film screenplay Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry; no, not as Madea, but as lead detective Dr. Alex Cross, along with his New York Police Department partner, Tommy Kane (Edward Burns). Perry demonstrates he is very capable acting in this action/crime mystery story and is one I looked forward to after having viewed some of the comedic series of films featuring the Madea character. It is good he stepped away from the character and genre of the last few films in theaters recently.

Perry and Burns do an average job of convincing me in the film that they are buddies since their youth, but otherwise they do make an average good set of detective partners. The film does fail with the weak writing in a few scenes, so I attribute this as the cause and not the actor’s capability to portray this long time relationship personal and work. Also, the supporting cast’s personal relationship, Kane and Monica (Rachel Nichols) is presented in the film, but is not developed very much to give the viewer a reason to care one way or another. When a police department loses one of their own staff members, it is a big community issue and is not glossed over or left unaddressed as it is in the film. Either it is not written in the script, or someone edited it out of the final film version arriving in theaters October 19th.

The handsome Matthew Fox is practically unrecognizable as the skilled serial killer, Picasso. He is an artist, but not the type to be accepted by everyone. His artistic ability to distort and disfigure people is his favorite activity and these scenes are difficult to watch. With these disturbing images alone, I would have thought the film earned an R rating, but it is rated PG-13 despite this and the nudity, sexual content, language and drug references.

Despite the few weak spots, the film will make a good matinee to view if the weather turns cold on the weekend, but otherwise, do not miss out on other more positive and fun activities in the community.

Liz Lopez



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