See the Premiere of the Comedy Documentary, Jewphoria, during Austin Film Festival

The premier of the comedy documentary Jewphoria, which will be showing at the Austin Film Festival this Saturday, October 20th and Tuesday, October 23rd.

Jewphoria is about American comic Randy Kagan bringing his own crisis to the Middle East. Fear has never been this funny.

Randy Kagan has toured with Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson and is a former writer for the show.

From the Austin Film Festival’s “Short Focus” by Lauren Means – It’s not often one finds a good comedy documentary short.  But comedian Randy Kagan’s Jewphoria is exactly that.  In a personal account of his trip to Israel, Randy finds not only laughs but also adventure.  He manages to both confirm and break Jewish stereotypes.  Come see this World Premiere and laugh out loud in the Documentary Shorts Program 12 at the Hideout Theatre, Saturday, October 20 7:15pm, or Tuesday, October 23 3:00pm.

Thank you very much to Kimberly Grob, Producer!

See you there at the Austin Film Festival!




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