Austin Film Festival Hosts Premiere of MURT RAMIREZ WANTS TO KICK MY ASS

The film, based on writer/director Dan Lee’s true-life experiences, features John D’Leo (Billy), Armani Del Rio (Murt Ramirez) and a soundtrack that includes the Black Angels, The Budos Band and Lucious Jackson.

Dan Lee and Armani Del Rio will be attending all major festival functions. Make plans to attend the premiere on October 20th at the Alamo Drafthouse Village on Sat at 5:10 PM. Alamo Drafthouse Village will also hold an October 21st Sunday matinee at 1 pm for those who want to see it a second time or to have others join in who can’t go Saturday.

School bullying is a huge/current national topic, so go see it and consider adding this film to the conversation.


Set in the ’80s like some lost John Hughes film, MURT RAMIREZ WANTS TO KICK MY ASS follows a single day in the life of twelve-year old Billy McConnell, a day which just may be his last. When his meshuga cousin Zach Lipshitz leaves Billy on the hook for a prank involving a candy bar, dog poop, and the most psychotic bully in all of Brooklyn, Billy knows his days are as numbered as his Members Only jacket. After Murt gets expelled, a ketchup-scrawled note soon appears on Billy’s locker announcing “Three O’clock!”. Before long, it’s a race to the end day intercom bell as Billy and pals contrive a gantlet of harebrained plots to escape an after-school date with doom.


The 19th annual Austin Film Festival (AFF) will take place October 18-25, 2012 in Austin, TX. For the full list of films, visit .


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