On Bended Knee – Benefit for Larry Lange at Austin’s Moose Lodge

Photo of Larry Lange and the Lonely Knights as they perform at Evangeline Cafe in South Austin; Photo Liz Lopez, www.ELinksToday.com

Sunday, October 7th, 2012On Bended Knee – Benefit for Larry Lange

Starts at 2pm until 9pm at the Austin Moose Lodge No. 1735

2103 E.M. Franklin Ave. Austin, TX USA 512-926-0043

Price: $20.00

The Lonely Knights are asking for your support to help raise funds for future knee cartilage treatments for Larry.  The event takes place on Sunday, October 7th, from 2pm until 9pm at The Moose Lodge.  This is a long overdue event, as Larry will never let on how difficult and painful his knee condition has been these past few years.  When we asked them to perform, his friends did not disappoint – here is the amazing lineup of talent:

Archie Bell, Roy Head, Oscar Martinez, Ted Roddy, Charles Thibodeaux, Cornell Hurd, The Ugly Beats and Wilbert Beasley and Body & Soul from San Antonio.

Other highlights of this event include artwork for purchase by Oscar Martinez, and a photo booth by Katie Jo Dixon.  Brown’s BBQ trailer will be onsite throughout the event.

They are having a silent auction and seek donations, so if you have an item to contribute, please contact Linda Branson of Out of The Past at (512) 791-0228.

Make plans now to attend this not-to-be missed event, and support Mr. Larry Lange who has made immeasurable contributions to Texas music throughout his long and illustrious career.

Thank you and we’ll see you at the show!

The Lonely Knights


2 Responses to “On Bended Knee – Benefit for Larry Lange at Austin’s Moose Lodge”

  1. Iris Simmons Says:

    This was a fabulous event! so much love for Larry Lange!

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