Tecate Michelada Now Available in Single Serve Cans

Tecate, cerveza con caracter, is leveraging its authenticity and Mexican heritage to launch Tecate Michelada, a savory and refreshing ready-to-drink mix that follows the traditional michelada recipe. The product is available at retail stores throughout the Western and Central regions of the U.S., in 16 oz. single-serve cans for adults 21 and older now.

“Beer mixes are growing in popularity among Mexican consumers in the U.S. and have shown sustainable growth over the past three years,” said Felix Palau, vice president of marketing for Tecate. “This new product line is perfect for consumers that feel like having a beer that has a little something extra and is ready to be enjoyed on the spot.”

Tecate Michelada follows the same traditional brewing process of Tecate to the master brewer’s exact specifications. The beer is then carefully blended with the refreshing taste of lime, spices and a hint of chili pepper to create a well-balanced, bold flavored beer mix with a deep golden color. Tecate Michelada can be enjoyed cold, straight from the can or poured over ice, into a traditional goblet-style glass with a salted rim.

To ensure the taste profile stayed true to the original Mexican recipe, without losing quality and caracter, renowned chefs, mixologists and restaurant managers in Mexico City and the U.S. – among them, Martha Ortiz (Dulce Patria), Kevin Tapia (Paxia), and Danny Rodriguez (Loteria Grill) – participated in tasting panels that ultimately helped create the authentic Tecate Michelada.


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